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Home Manager - Lynn Ward
73 High Street
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Maycroft has a range of activities to take part in, all of which are varied to suit the needs of each of our residents. Some of our more popular activities include:

  • Activities Co ordinator Monday - Friday who encourages a wide range of crafts and activities including knitting, games, quizzes and bingo 
  • Newly created Activities Room, where relatives can make their own drinks and snacks
  • Regular music and dance activities, including movement classes
  • Seasonal events such as Summer, Christmas and Easter fetes
  • Hairdressing
  • Chiropodist visits every 8 weeks to provide pedicures
  • BBQ'S during the summer months
  • Regular outings to performances, picnics and restaurants
  • Residents and Relatives meetings every 8 weeks
  • Relatives are actively encouraged to be involved in all aspects of their loved ones needs and requirements