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Greetland school children send messages of kindness to Woodfield Grange

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Young students from Greetland Academy in Halifax have inundated Woodfield Grange Care Home with cards and pictures full of messages of love and hope.

The children, aged between four and 11 years old, reached out to Residents who are currently unable to welcome visitors to the home due to coronavirus safety measures.

The scheme was coordinated by Karen Lomas, whose mother Joan, is a Resident at Woodfield Grange. She encouraged the children to get creative with colour as they designed a fantastic picture board and then made individual cards.

Home Manager Vicky Wilde said that the effort made by the children moved Residents beyond words.

Vicky said: “To receive such beautiful cards and pictures was a genuinely magical surprise for our residents.

“It was such a beautiful gesture from the children of Greetland Academy, and we are so grateful that they would think of us during this time of hardship for everyone.

“The cards have filled the home full of colour, which has been a massive boost for Residents. They are so touched by the kindness the children have shown.”

The crowning glory of the children’s efforts was a big picture adorned with inspirational quotes and drawings of flowers and nature around the sides.

Each message offered words of wisdom to Residents, encouraging them to stay strong in the face of the global pandemic.

The outpouring of hope and wisdom left a big impression on Residents.

Vicky said: “It’s so often the older generation who are tasked with sharing advice and wisdom, so it’s lovely to see youngsters taking on that role.

“This is undoubtedly a time when we all need to embrace hope and optimism for what the future will hold, despite the impact of the coronavirus.

“Our Residents have certainly taken the children’s messages of positivity to heart!”



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Posted on 27th March 2020

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