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Golfhill Care Home lifts spirits with giant Hungry Hippo game

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Residents at Golfhill Care Home enjoyed a life-size game of Hungry Hippos as carers found a unique way to keep them entertained.

Clever staff invested in a job-lot of plastic balls and made make-shift ‘hippo’ mouths ready for the lively game.

There were peals of laughter and shouts of encouragement as four wheelchair users and their carers participated in the fast-paced fun.

Home Manager Stewart MacDonald said it was an uplifting way to bring Residents together in an active, social session.

Stewart said: “Our ‘Hungry Hippos’ were absolutely fantastic, it’s fair to say they boosted everyone’s wellbeing, staff included.

“We knew it was important to get creative by finding ways to keep the Residents moving and to introduce more fun into their days. Full marks to my ingenious staff for coming up with such a great idea.”

Hungry Hippos, by toymaker Hasbro, has long been one of the best-loved children’s board games.

Caring staff knew that many of the Residents would be familiar with the game and would, therefore, enjoy the chance to play this improvised version of it.

One Resident said: “I love Hungry Hippos, I used to play it with my grandchildren, and everyone would get very excited. I remember it being noisy and competitive when I played it with them, and it certainly was still the same when we played it the other day!”

Another Resident added: “I was determined that me and my carer would win. I am a dab hand at whizzing about in my wheelchair, so I was ready and raring to go when the game kicked off. I can’t wait for the next time we play it.”


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Posted on 30th March 2020

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