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What makes a good Carer?

-what to look for and expect in a Carer

Being a carer is so much more than a job; it is a true vocation, a way of life. The training that Advinia offers to their carers is second to none and is designed to accentuate and build upon qualities which the carer already possesses.

Caring for a vulnerable adult can be physically and emotionally demanding , as well as being extremely life affirming and fulfilling.

Here are some of the qualities that make a great carer:


Empathy connects the carer to the client. It is the basis of understanding what a client is going through and being able to deliver what they need. The ability to understand a client by putting yourself in their shoes and seeing things from their perspective will help foster the respect a client-carer relationship needs.


Compassion is a gift that all great carers possess. Being able to not only sympathise but empathise with a client and their needs, worries, and struggles is paramount. As mentioned, carers must have a genuine interest in the wellbeing of a client to provide top quality care.


Communication is crucial to being a fantastic carer. Positive communication and building a rapport with clients is essential. Building positive relationships and identifying when things are not as they should be, are vital to the role of a carer.


Commitment to both the client and to the company are essential to fulfilling the role of carer. Consistency and security are so very important to vulnerable adults. Knowing they can count on their carer to be there and be happy and willing to help, is hugely comforting to the elderly.

Respecting Independence

You will no doubt have heard the phrase “person centred approach” when researching care in general, but what does this mean? It is all about promoting independence and understanding that each person is an individual, with their own wants, needs and ideas about the world.

Advinia carers encourage a positive, risk-taking attitude in clients which allows them to lead as full a life as possible.

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