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Advinia’s Response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)         (updated 20/5/2020)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is continuing to present a significant risk to older people and to those individuals with pre-existing medical conditions across the UK. Whilst it is positive news that the Government is beginning to take the first steps in relieving some lockdown measures, we are maintaining our extra precautionary infection control protocols throughout all of our Care Homes for the safety and wellbeing of all Residents.

This page details:

  • What steps we took to prepare for and minimise the spread of the Coronavirus in our Homes
  • COVID-19 testing for Residents and Colleagues
  • What we are doing to make sure our Homes have all the equipment they need

As in many care homes across the UK, sadly some of our Residents and work Colleagues have been affected by COVID-19. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those families who have lost someone dear to them.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to do everything we can to ensure that Residents and work Colleagues are as safe and protected as possible.

We are also continuing to make ongoing communication a priority. We recognise that the spread of the virus and the number of press, radio and TV news reports may raise concerns in the minds of Residents, families and our work Colleagues, so we want to keep everyone as up to date as possible with what Advinia is doing.

What we are doing to make sure Residents and work Colleagues remain as safe as possible

We rigorously follow both national and local Public Health / Health Protection guidelines and are in regular contact with all the local Public Health teams so that we stay abreast of all fast-moving developments. All Advinia Care Homes have a well thought out and detailed Contingency Plan and they are supported by Advinia right the way to the top of the company. A Senior Response Team (SRT) has been established which meets regularly and supports all Homes, 24 hours a day as needed. This team ensures that all the appropriate policies, procedures, resources and equipment are in place to provide the best possible care for Residents.

Some time ago we took the difficult decision to restrict all non-essential visits to the Home – and whilst this has meant families have been unable to visit loved ones in person, it has significantly reduced the risk of the infection spreading in our Homes. We have tried to help families maintain contact with loved ones by facilitating Google Hangout video calls and we are using our social media pages more extensively, so that families are able to see what loved ones are doing on a more regular basis.

 Well before the government lockdown, we also started to check work  Colleagues, to safeguard their health and that of Residents, by checking temperatures and looking for symptoms before they started work and sending home those with potential symptoms.

We have also taken a number of additional steps around infection control and prevention. These have emphasised the need for extra and extensive handwashing and we have conducted many additional training sessions and audits around this.  Again, before the government lockdown, we introduced an additional training course for all Colleagues around COVID-19 to ensure they were fully informed about the virus and how it affected the way they provided care to Residents. We have also ensured that all Colleagues have had the opportunity to refresh their detailed Infection Control and Prevention training, and even more extensive and regular cleaning schedules have been brought in to try and minimise the spread of the virus. 

We are maintaining social distancing measures for Residents in our Homes and we also monitor all Residents for potential COVID-19 symptoms and make temperature checks twice daily. Where necessary, we care for Residents in isolation, using barrier-nursing techniques and we seek to minimise the number of Colleagues providing care and services to Resident groups.

We are reviewing our response to COVID-19 on a daily basis to ensure that we are always following the latest Government and scientific advice. As the Government eases lockdown restrictions we will assess the impact that each of those measures will have on Residents and make sure that we always prioritise their health and safety.

In the instance that there are regional variations in the lifting of lockdown restrictions then we recommend contacting individual Home Managers for more specific details, in the weeks ahead.

COVID-19 testing for Residents and work Colleagues

Testing for COVID-19 is a vital tool in limiting the spread of such a highly contagious disease. Now that the UK and Scottish Governments have finally made testing more widely available, all Advinia Residents and Colleagues are being tested wherever possible.

Within the UK there are national and regional variations in the availability of these tests, but we are doing everything that we can to ensure mass testing across all Advinia Homes,  including signing up to the new Department of Health and Social Care online testing portal for care homes in England.

This testing data will allow us to have significantly more control over the spread of the virus and to isolate any Residents with a positive test result immediately, even if they are asymptomatic.

It will also allow us to ensure asymptomatic work Colleagues remain self-isolated at home. For your guidance, and this is very much early days, preliminary test results have shown us that in some care settings more than 20 per cent of positive test results can be asymptomatic. As you can imagine, knowing this information puts us in a much stronger position in terms of infection control.

What we are doing to make sure our Care Homes have adequate stocks and supplies

Advinia’s Procurement team have also been working for some considerable time to ensure that all our Homes have adequate supplies of key essentials – be that hand wash or hand sanitiser, a full range of cleaning and laundry materials, or the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Public Health / Health Protection guidelines are subject to revisions as the science develops and Advinia monitors these all the time and ensures that all Homes are updated when guidelines change, for instance around PPE. The Senior Response Team makes clear to all Homes what PPE is required to care for Residents’ specific needs and provides guides and posters to ensure all Colleagues wear the appropriate PPE to protect vulnerable Residents from the risk of infection.

Advinia Care Homes also work together to ensure that each Home maintains adequate supplies of PPE – the Senior Response Team helps to co-ordinate the redistribution of key stock items between Homes, as needed.

Want more information?

If you have any other questions regarding Advinia Care Homes’ preparedness for the Coronavirus, please contact your local Care Home. All contact details can be found on the website.

For the latest information on COVID-19 and how to minimise your risk of infection please go to the following websites: