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Home Care

- also known as Domiciliary Care

What is Home Care?

Home Care, sometimes also known as Domiciliary Care, is for those people who still reside in their own homes, but who require a little additional help with everyday tasks, such as their personal care, housework, appointments and anything else which will enhance their quality of life.

Home Care ranges from as little as an hour a week to full time, live-in and can be available to any person, regardless of age, gender, background or circumstances.

Advinia just ask that you undergo and initial assessment, upon which a unique care plan will be written for you. Your personal daily schedule will be taken into account when this plan of care is produced and we will ensure that you are matched with carers who best suit your personality and secific needs.

What are the key Benefits of Home Care?

We believe that Home Care significantly benefits the health of the elderly, both physically and psychologically. There is nothing like home for your loved ones whether they are elderly, or those with disabilities. We all share similar concerns about their care and support and naturally want to enable them to remain in and enjoy their own home whenever possible and for as long as possible.

  • Physical Benefits. Having a carer come into the home means that they can be present for important events such at medication or meal times, which need to be regular to aid and maintain good physical health.

Carers can also encourage exercise and movement which will also aid general good health, while of course being on hand for anything the older person cannot manage any longer.

  • Psychological or Emotional Health

Loneliness and depression are all too common in older people, who perhaps live alone, and often go unnoticed. They often interfere with the body’s basic functions, such as eating and sleeping patterns, which in turn can have a huge effect on physical health.

The knowledge that there is someone to talk to, even for just a few hours over the week, can make all the difference. Many of our carers report that their clients look forward to and treasure their visits, and are comforted by the knowledge that someone cares and is invested in their happiness and wellbeing.

Types of Home Care

Companionship Care

As we get older, become fragile and less mobile, it is normal to feel in less control and lonely at times. One of the most rewarding aspects of home care support is the difference companionship can make. Our companionship services are tailored to support your choices and deliver the care you need to live your life how you choose.

Companion care provides a valuable social benefit by preventing isolation and helping to reduce depression from being alone. It also provides invaluable peace of mind to the person's family by offering information and respite for caregivers.

These non-medical services help make life more manageable. Companions are essential “eyes and ears” to family members. Most importantly, they act as a friend who listens and cares. Advinia Homecare makes sure that you are never alone if you are worried about feeling withdrawn from society.

Personal Care

Advinia Homecare services provide hands-on help with those basic functions of life, all provided with sensitivity to the emotional issues so often connected with an inability to perform these essential functions. Our Care Givers are trained to ensure that the appropriate safety precautions are taken to promote health and well being.

Advinia carers can assist with, amongst other things:

  • Mobility

  • Medication reminders

  • Post hospital discharge

  • Cognitive impairment

  • Toileting and incontinence

  • Bathing

  • Oral hygiene

  • Grooming

  • Dressing

  • Special Diet

  • Eating

  • Posture and positioning

... but home care is so much more than that; for many, it is lifeline; for some, the only human interaction they get.

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