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Live Care

A general guide to receiving 24 hour a day live-in care

What is Live in Care?

Live in care is a service offered by Advinia Home Care as an alternative to being cared for in a residential or nursing care home. It is a viable option for those who require 24 hour care, yet who wish to remain in their own homes. The Advinia carer would live with you in your home, adapting to your routines and your activities. The aim is to support you and to maintain your independence.

Carers are specially trained to provide you with seamless support that focusses on you as an individual. Using Live in care as opposed to standard Domiciliary care means that there is guaranteed continuity of care, something which is so important for those with complex needs. As the carer gets to know you and your specific care needs, they are able to gague the amount and types of support required on any indvidual day.

Who is Live in Care suitable for?

Live-in care is most appropriate for those with varied and/or complex diseases/conditions, including but not limited to:

What does Live in Care include?

Discussions will be had between Senior Carers from Advinia and both the Service User and their loved ones/carers about the type and level of support that is needed. From this a care plan and package of care will established and put into place. Types of support may include, but are not limited to:

  • Personal care which includes washing, bathing, toileting, dressing and undressing; and helping the client to make choices about what to wear.

  • Supporting the clients’ routines.

  • Helping with medications and liaising with GP and other medical professionals.

  • Help with menu planning, shopping, preparing and cooking meals.

  • Housework, laundry and ironing.

  • Visiting friends and family; attending social events.

  • Assistance with outings.

  • Assistance with mobility.

  • Gardening.

  • Companionship.

  • Helping the client to keep fit; encourage hobbies and interests.

The carer will help the client to make decisions for themselves rather than make assumptions about their needs. The ethos of Advinia Healthcare and Home Care is that our Service Users'  individuality, dignity and freedom of choice is absolutely paramount.